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List of Topics

The Created Order describes distinctions in role or function which are intrinsic to nature. For example, mankind cannot survive without eating plants and animals; plants and animals are given to man by God for food; their lives have been subordinated to the life of man -- a plant may die so that man may live; a human life is more valuable than a plant life. This topic also includes distinctions which are general to nature: the difference between light and dark, sun and moon, fish and bird, blood and bone; these are natural distinctions created by God, and they participate with all of general revelation in expressing God's character. The Created Order itself is an immensely broad topic. For the purpose of the Theonomy Wiki, this article should include descriptions of the created order which are given in scripture, and which, by the way they are used in scripture, plainly serve to aid in an understanding of general Theonomic legal principles.