Exodus 16:9

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Exodus 16

Law Analysis overview

9 Moses said to Aaron, “Tell all the congregation of the children of Israel, ‘Come close to YHWH, for he has heard your murmurings.’” Exodus 16:9WEB


The Command

This passage contains a positive command, directed toward Israel through Moses: "Come close to YHWH, for he has heard your murmurings".


This command is part of the Principles and Definitions. It is aOne-time Command, related to Loving God.

These laws contribute to an understanding of Corporate Judgment because God is patiently responding to the complaints of his people, even though the complaints are issued in a disrespectful manner.


The immediate command was fulfilled by Israel in the following verses, when they drew near to hear the judgment of God.

Notes on Interpretation/Application

Interpretation 1

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