Exodus 16:32-33

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Exodus 16

Law Analysis overview

32 Moses said, “This is the thing which YHWH has commanded, ‘Let an omer-full of it be kept throughout your generations, that they may see the bread with which I fed you in the wilderness, when I brought you out of the land of Egypt.’” 33 Moses said to Aaron, “Take a pot, and put an omer-full of manna in it, and lay it up before YHWH, to be kept throughout your generations.” Exodus 16:32-33WEB


The Command

This passage contains a positive command, directed toward Israel: "Let an Omer of this bread be kept throughout your Generations, that they may see the bread which I fed you in the wilderness.".


This command is part of the Typological/Ceremonial Law and the Moral Law. It is a One-time Command.

It contributes to an understanding of Parenting as it is an example of something which the parents do to memorialize God's providence and impress knowledge of it onto their children, and of Food because it's literally a jar of food.


The immediate command was fulfilled by Israel and they are said to have kept the Jar for many generations. The Jar has since been lost, but the command and principle finds its continued fulfillment in Jesus, who says about himself, "I am the bread that came down from heaven" (John 6:22-59). We are to display the fruit of our repentance and Jesus's sanctification by the Holy Spirit in our lives (John 13:35 and others), so that all generations may continuously see in us that bread which came down from heaven.

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