Exodus 13:16

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Exodus 13

Law Analysis overview

16 It shall be for a sign on your hand, and for symbols between your eyes; for by strength of hand YHWH brought us out of Egypt.” Exodus 13:16WEB


The Command[/Principle]

This passage contains a positive command, directed toward Israel: "It shall be for a sign to you on your hand, and for symbols between your eyes".


This command is part of the Moral Law. It pertains directly to our attitude toward God and the law, so it fits with other laws relating to Loving God.

It also relates directly to a Holiday, being in a section about the feast of unleavened bread and the Passover.


Christians are still required to identify with, love, display, constantly remember and vocalize the Law of God and God's mighty works, as if it were a sign on our hands and a memorial between our eyes.

Notes on Interpretation/Application

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