Exodus 12:15-20

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Exodus 12

Law Analysis overview

15 “‘Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread; even the first day you shall put away yeast out of your houses, for whoever eats leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel. 16 In the first day there shall be to you a holy convocation, and in the seventh day a holy convocation; no kind of work shall be done in them, except that which every man must eat, only that may be done by you. 17 You shall observe the feast of unleavened bread; for in this same day I have brought your armies out of the land of Egypt. Therefore you shall observe this day throughout your generations by an ordinance forever. 18 In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at evening, you shall eat unleavened bread, until the twenty first day of the month at evening. 19 There shall be no yeast found in your houses for seven days, for whoever eats that which is leavened, that soul shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he is a foreigner, or one who is born in the land. 20 You shall eat nothing leavened. In all your habitations you shall eat unleavened bread.’” Exodus 12:15-20WEB


The Command[/Principle]

This passage contains a positive command, directed toward Israel: "Observe the feast of unleavened bread".


This command is part of the [one of the following: Typological/Ceremonial Law. It fits in with laws pertaining to Law Function: Jew/Gentile Cultural Separation.

This is one of the Holidays; it includes a Feast.


This holiday is argued to have been fulfilled by Jesus, who removes the leaven of sin and slavery from us.

Notes on Interpretation/Application

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