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3 John 1

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6 They have testified about your love before the assembly. You will do well to send them forward on their journey in a way worthy of God, 3 John 1:6WEB
6 οἳ3739R-NPM ἐμαρτύρησάν3140V-AAI-3P σου4771P-2GS τῇ3588T-DSF ἀγάπῃ26N-DSF ἐνώπιον1799ADV ἐκκλησίας·1577N-GSF οὓς3739R-APM καλῶς2573ADV ποιήσεις4160V-FAI-2S προπέμψας4311V-AAP-NSM ἀξίως516ADV τοῦ3588T-GSM θεοῦ.2316N-GSM3 John 1:6RP2005

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