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10 Therefore, if I come, I will call attention to his deeds which he does, unjustly accusing us with wicked words. Not content with this, he doesn’t receive the brothers himself, and those who would, he forbids and throws out of the assembly. 3 John 1:10WEB
10 Διὰ1223PREP τοῦτο,3778D-ASN ἐὰν1437COND ἔλθω,2064V-2AAS-1S ὑπομνήσω5279V-FAI-1S αὐτοῦ846P-GSM τὰ3588T-APN ἔργα2041N-APN3739R-APN ποιεῖ,4160V-PAI-3S λόγοις3056N-DPM πονηροῖς4190A-DPM φλυαρῶν5396V-PAP-NSM ἡμᾶς·1473P-1AP καὶ2532CONJ μὴ3361PRT-N ἀρκούμενος714V-PPP-NSM ἐπὶ1909PREP τούτοις,3778D-DPM οὔτε3777CONJ-N αὐτὸς846P-NSM ἐπιδέχεται1926V-PNI-3S τοὺς3588T-APM ἀδελφούς,80N-APM καὶ2532CONJ τοὺς3588T-APM βουλομένους1014V-PNP-APM κωλύει,2967V-PAI-3S καὶ2532CONJ ἐκ1537PREP τῆς3588T-GSF ἐκκλησίας1577N-GSF ἐκβάλλει.1544V-PAI-3S3 John 1:10RP2005

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