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24 But let justice roll on like rivers, and righteousness like a mighty stream. Amos 5:24WEB

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Welcome to the Theonomy Wiki!

We are a collaborative community website centred around Christian theonomy. Theonomy is the position that all civil magistrates are morally obligated to obey and enforce relevant Old Testament laws, including the penal sanctions specified by the just Judge of all the earth.

The aim of this wiki is to generate an easily accessible catalogue of the Old Testament law ─ organised by verse, topic (murder, theft, sacrifice, etc.), its putative role in the tripartite division (civil/moral/ceremonial), and New Testament fulfilment. We will follow the hermeneutical methods which define theonomy as a school of thought. Nevertheless, the wiki will include level-headed discussions and dispassionate comparisons of various models for interpreting and applying the law, as proffered by a range of theonomic authors.

Important Articles

Introduction to Theonomy

List of Topics

List of Civil Penalties

Books of the Law

*For now, we are using the ASV1901, because it is public domain.

Categorical Division of the Law

Tools for contributors

How To Contribute

Passage Template

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<mainpage-rightcolumn-start />Announcements

  • 2020/06/18 - Finally done with first pass through Genesis. The fun is really gonna start halfway through Exodus, so it's time to get more serious about recruiting.
  • 2020/06/12 - We're more than half-way through Genesis, so I added How To Contribute. When Genesis is done, it'll be time to go advertising and asking people to become contributors
  • 2020/06/11 - The rest of Genesis is mostly case-law. It's difficult to decide how to break that up into individual verses, so I'm just commenting at the top of each chapter for now. Got through Genesis 28 today.

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